Welcome to DKE

On Saturday, June 22, 1844, 15 Yale College undergraduates met in No. 12 Old South Hall and established a new society they called Delta Kappa Epsilon.

The Fraternity's open motto, Kerothen Philoi Aei or Friends from the Heart, Forever was adopted, as was the DKE pin and the secret grip.

DKE is very proud of its strong history and tradition. DKE's have been to the moon and trekked to the north pole. A few DKE's have even called the White House home.

DKE at Auburn

DKE at Auburn

Upcoming Rush Events

Summer Rush Events

Cookout at Lake Martin
June 19th & 20th

Skeet Shoot
July 25th & 26th

Poker and Cigar Night at DKE House
August 8th & 9th 

If you are interested in attending any events or you have any questions, feel free to contact our Rush Chairman, Zach Thrasher, at zgt0001@auburn.edu